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Understanding the World: The Role of Data and Support

In the quest to better understand the world, data plays a crucial role. The most valuable data originates from primary sources of information. The essence of this project is to consolidate all these sources into one accessible location. This includes statistics, documents, terminologies, or facts, all of which are instrumental in comprehending the significant challenges the world confronts today and in devising ways to address them.

Currently, the project operates without financial support, sponsors, or advertisements. The primary means of sustaining the work comes through donations. Contributions from readers are critical, providing the stability and consistency needed to focus on delivering the most up-to-date and reliable data to visitors.

Donations also act as a tangible sign of appreciation, indicating the value and benefit readers find in the project. This appreciation is a significant source of motivation.

To support the expansion of this work, making a donation today could make a substantial impact. Every contribution is deeply appreciated. Thank you.


What are the different methods available for making donations?

There are three distinct methods for making a donation: Stripe, PayPal, and Ko-fi. All three platforms accept donations via credit or debit cards. Furthermore, PayPal offers the additional option of donating directly from a PayPal account.

How is personal data handled?

For direct donations, Stripe and PayPal, two of the world's leading online payment processors, are utilized. All transactions occur through their robust and secure servers. It can be confidently assured that neither these platforms nor the organization will ever distribute the donor's information to any third parties. Additionally, there is an option to support through Ko-fi, one of the most trusted, secure, and widely-used donation platforms.

Is it possible to be included on the Public List of Donors?

Absolutely. To be included, one simply needs to include their name and express their consent to be listed by leaving a small note along with the donation. Platforms like Stripe, PayPal, and Ko-fi offer the option to leave a message. If no such details are provided, the donation will be kept anonymous.

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