Global Oil Producers 2022
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Global Oil Producers 2022

United States Saudi Arabia Russia Canada Iraq China UAE Iran Brazil Kuwait Others KBPD Global Oil Production 2022 Includes crude oil, all petroleum liquids, and biofuels* Includes crude oil, shale oil, oil sands, condensates (lease condensate or gas condensates that require further refining) and NGLs (natural gas liquids – ethane, LPG and naphtha separated from the production of natural gas). Excludes liquid fuels from other sources such as biofuels and synthetic derivatives of coal and natural gas. This also excludes liquid fuel adjustment factors such as refinery processing gain. Excludes oil shales/kerogen extracted in solid form. Thousand barrels per day Energy Institute United Kingdom

In 2022, the landscape of global oil production was dominated by key countries, with a significant contribution from the rest of the world. The data encompasses the production of crude oil, shale oil, oil sands, condensates, and natural gas liquids (NGLs), measured in thousand barrels per day (KBPD). This overview includes the top 10 oil-producing countries and the collective output of other nations, reflecting the diverse and widespread nature of oil production across the globe. The figures exclude liquid fuels from sources like biofuels and synthetic derivatives of coal and natural gas, as well as liquid fuel adjustment factors such as refinery processing gain and oil shales/kerogen extracted in solid form:

  1. United States: The U.S. leads with a production of 17,770 KBPD, maintaining its position as the top producer with its advanced shale oil extraction technologies.

  2. Saudi Arabia: Producing 12,136 KBPD, Saudi Arabia remains a traditional oil powerhouse, significantly influencing global oil prices and supply through its vast reserves and OPEC role.

  3. Russia: With an output of 11,202 KBPD, Russia continues to be a major player, contributing significantly to the global energy supply despite geopolitical challenges.

  4. Canada: Producing 5,576 KBPD, Canada’s oil industry, primarily based on oil sands, remains a key supplier, especially to the U.S.

  5. Iraq: Iraq contributes 4,520 KBPD, with its economy heavily reliant on oil revenues from some of the world’s largest proven reserves.

  6. China: With a production of 4,111 KBPD, China’s position reflects its dual role as a major oil producer and consumer, driven by rapid industrial growth.

  7. United Arab Emirates (UAE): The UAE, an influential member of OPEC, produces 4,020 KBPD, underscoring its significant role in the global oil market.

  8. Iran: Producing 3,822 KBPD, Iran maintains substantial output despite international sanctions, holding a considerable portion of the world’s oil reserves.

  9. Brazil: With 3,107 KBPD, Brazil’s growing oil industry benefits from its offshore fields and pre-salt reserves.

  10. Kuwait: Kuwait’s economy, heavily dependent on oil, produces 3,028 KBPD, known for its large oil fields.

  11. Rest of the World (Others): This group collectively produces 24,556 KBPD, highlighting the global distribution of oil production among various nations with smaller outputs.

These figures, with a total global production of 93,848 KBPD and the top 10 countries contributing 69,292 KBPD, highlight the world’s extensive dependence on oil. The data reflects the varying energy needs across different economies and stages of development. It emphasizes oil’s critical role in the global energy mix and underscores the challenges and opportunities inherent in transitioning towards more sustainable and diverse energy sources.

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Global Oil Producers 2022:

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