Global Oil Consumers 2022
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Global Oil Consumers 2022

United States China* India Saudi Arabia Russia Japan Brazil Korea South Canada Germany Others KBPD Global Oil Consuption 2022 Includes crude oil, all petroleum liquids, and biofuels* Domestic consumption combined with fuel used in international aviation and marine vessels, along with refinery energy use and losses. This includes the use of biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel, as well as products derived from coal and natural gas. China numbers exclude Hong Kong SAR. Thousand barrels per day Energy Institute United Kingdom

In 2022, the landscape of global oil consumption was significantly shaped by the top 10 consuming countries, alongside substantial usage from the rest of the world. The consumption includes crude oil, all petroleum liquids, and biofuels, is quantified in thousands of barrels per day (KBPD). Each nation’s oil consumption reflects its economic scale and unique energy usage patterns:

  1. United States: Leading at 20,280 KBPD, the U.S. continues its extensive oil usage across various sectors. The bulk is in transportation, powering vehicles and aircraft, with significant contributions from the industrial sector, and for residential and commercial heating.

  2. China: At 14,370 KBPD, China’s significant oil usage supports its rapid industrialization, a growing transportation sector, and an expanding network of vehicles and public transit systems.

  3. India: Consuming 5,288 KBPD, India’s oil demand is driven by its expanding economy, transportation needs, urban development, and industrial sectors, including manufacturing and agriculture.

  4. Russia: With a consumption of 3,876 KBPD, Russia’s oil usage caters to domestic energy needs, transportation, and a notable refinery sector, reflecting its status as a major oil producer.

  5. Japan: Japan’s consumption of 3,580 KBPD underscores its reliance on imported oil for transportation, industrial processes, power generation, and its substantial manufacturing sector.

  6. Saudi Arabia: Consuming 3,354 KBPD, Saudi Arabia’s oil demand is influenced by its energy-intensive industries and domestic usage in electricity generation and desalination.

  7. Brazil: At 3,158 KBPD, Brazil’s oil consumption is largely driven by its transportation sector, industrial processes, and electricity generation, with a significant use of ethanol-blended fuels.

  8. South Korea: With 2,874 KBPD, South Korea relies on oil for transportation, manufacturing, and energy for its industries and power generation.

  9. Canada: Consuming 2,352 KBPD, Canada’s oil usage is distributed across transportation, heating, industrial activities, and power generation, consistent with its status as a major oil producer.

  10. Germany: Germany, at 2,150 KBPD, primarily uses oil for transportation, industrial manufacturing, and as a part of its energy mix.

  11. Rest of the World (Others): This group, consuming 38,973 KBPD, includes many nations with diverse oil uses, from transportation and industrial activities to energy production and residential heating.

These figures, totaling a global consumption of 100,255 KBPD, underscore the world’s reliance on oil, reflecting diverse energy needs across different economic stages. The data highlights oil’s pivotal role in the global energy mix and points to the challenges and opportunities in transitioning towards more sustainable energy sources.

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Global Oil Consumers 2022:

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