"Iron Curtain" speech by Winston Churchill (Sinews of Peace) 2007 Munich speech of Vladimir Putin Afghanistan Constitution (2004, Abolished) Albania Constitution (2016) Albania Constitution (2022) - Albanian American Dream Anarchy Andorra Constitution (1993) - Catalan Angola Constitution (2010) - Portuguese Army Field Manual No. FM 3-0: FM 3-0 Operations (2022) Asset Balfour Declaration (1917) Bankruptcy Black Lives Matter (BLM) BRICS + New Members Gross Domestic Product (GDP) BRICS Beijing Declaration (XIV Summit, 2022) BRICS Gross Domestic Product (GDP) BRICS Johannesburg Declaration (XV Summit, 2023) BRICS Number of Reported Homicide Cases 2022 Casus Belli Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2012) Chicken Game Commodity Markets Communism Convention on Cluster Munitions (2008) Debt Demand Democracy Fascism Forex (Foreign Exchange) G7 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) G7 Number of Reported Homicide Cases 2022 G77 Havana Declaration (2023) Germany Constitution (2022) - German Global Gold Mining Production 2022 Global Lithium Mine Production 2022 Global Natural Gas Consumers 2021 Global Natural Gas Producers 2021 Global Oil Consumers 2022 Global Oil Producers 2022 Global Uranium Mining Production 2022 Global Wheat, Flour, and Products Export 2022-2023 Global Wheat, Flour, and Products Import 2022-2023 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) IMF Top 10 Largest Debtors Income Inflation J. Robert Oppenheimer “Now I am become death...” John F. Kennedy's 'Ich bin ein Berliner' speech Kim Jong Un letter of congratulations on the national day of Russia (12.06.2023) - Korean Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech Minsk I Agreement (Memorandum on the Implementation) (2014) Minsk I Agreement (Minsk Protocol) (2014) Minsk II Agreement (2015) Monroe Doctrine Monroe Doctrine Montreux Convention Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) Nash Equilibrium Nazism North Atlantic Treaty (2019) Number of Prisoners in Russia Number of Prisoners in the United States Plaza Accord (1985) Prisoner's Dilemma Russia Constitution (2022) - Russian Russia Military Doctrine (2014) - Russian Shanghai Cooperation Organization Charter (2003) Strategy for Operations in the Information Environment (2023) Strauss–Howe Generational Theory Supply Totalitarianism Underwater Unemployment Rate United Nations Charter (1973) United Nations Security Council Use of Veto United States Constitution (1992) United States Mass Shootings United States Suicide Rates Wolfowitz Doctrine Xi Jinping speech on the CCP 100th anniversary Yalta Conference Agreement, Declaration of a Liberated Europe (1945) Zero-Sum Game

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