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Greetings, explorer, and welcome to Glostat! Our digital doorway is always open for the curious minds seeking knowledge about our dynamic world. At Glostat, we strive to bridge the gap between complexity and comprehension by offering unbiased, reliable data, and trustworthy information.

Our main objective is not just about numbers or statistics; it's about giving context to those numbers, thereby transforming them into meaningful insights. It's about creating an environment where everyone, irrespective of their background, can understand and engage with the data that molds our world.

Glostat is more than just a project; it's a collective endeavor towards a world where information is not only accessible but also comprehensible. We believe that knowledge is power, but it's the understanding of that knowledge that provides wisdom. Our platform is designed to empower you - the explorers, learners, educators, policymakers, and everyday citizens - to delve deeper into the data and discover new perspectives about our ever-evolving world.

Through Glostat, we aim to equip you with the tools to understand our world a little better, and in doing so, encourage thoughtful conversation, enable informed decision-making, and inspire action that can create positive change. Whether you're a student looking for information for your next project, a researcher seeking reliable data, or just a curious mind keen to understand the world better, Glostat is your go-to resource.

So, take a moment to explore our site, dive into the depths of our data, and let's embark on this journey of discovery together. Welcome to Glostat - where data meets understanding.

Who we are

Hello! My name is Maxim, and I'm the individual behind the inception and development of Glostat. Originally hailing from the United Kingdom, I've spent more than a decade engrossed in the study and analysis of international relations.

The genesis of Glostat sprouted during my undergraduate years when I faced the challenge of collating comprehensive data and information for my academic research. As a student, it was time-consuming and often frustrating to scour multiple sources for reliable documents, accurate statistics, and precise political terminology. More often than not, I found books to be outdated, and many internet resources lacked user-friendly interfaces, making the quest for information an arduous task.

Regrettably, despite recognising this gap in the digital space, my limited knowledge and experience in website development prevented me from taking immediate action. The idea was shelved, but certainly not forgotten.

Years later, while pursuing my Master's degree in International Relations, the concept for Glostat resurfaced. This time, equipped with a higher degree of determination, I plunged into the world of web design, eager to bring my vision to life.

Although the journey was filled with challenges, it was also incredibly enriching. I dedicated countless hours learning the nuances of web development, understanding the user experience, and fine-tuning the aesthetics that would ultimately shape Glostat.

Today, Glostat is the culmination of my academic pursuits, technical skills, and an unwavering commitment to facilitate easy access to global data and information. It's not just a website; it's a testament to my belief that information should be easily accessible, user-friendly, and up-to-date.

I am proud to present Glostat, a project born from my passion for knowledge and nurtured with a thirst for continuous learning. It has been a challenging, yet rewarding journey, and I invite you all to embark on this expedition of discovery with me.

Our Goal

In today's rapidly evolving society, discerning reliable information from the dubious has become increasingly challenging. Media platforms often present biased or opinionated news, sometimes leading to an online battlefield of conflicting views. Amidst this information overload, not only do problems remain unsolved, but they are often misunderstood. At Glostat, we aspire to bridge this gap in understanding by offering a fresh perspective on our shared world.

Glostat's mission is not merely to add to the cacophony of voices but to provide an oasis of factual clarity. In a landscape dominated by subjective opinions, predictions, and analyses, we strive to deliver straightforward access to objective information. Our goal is to empower individuals to form their own interpretations, devise unique solutions, and make informed decisions. We understand that personal perspectives are often shaped by an array of opinions. However, we also believe that opinions should be rooted in facts. Therefore, our commitment extends beyond simply presenting data. We endeavour to provide a platform where facts are easily accessible and comprehensible, enabling people to form well-grounded opinions.

We envision a society that values factual information as much as diverse opinions, if not more. A society where decisions and judgments are guided by a solid foundation of truth rather than conjecture or propaganda. Through Glostat, we aim to contribute towards building this society, one fact at a time.

In essence, Glostat stands for more than just a repository of information; it's a commitment to transparency, a call for intellectual independence, and a step towards a better-informed world.

Our Future

While Glostat is in its early stages, our aspirations are immense. Currently, we offer three core sections: country and organization statistics, primary source documents, and a glossary of political and economic terminology. Nevertheless, our vision for the future goes far beyond this initial offering.

Our primary objective is to transform Glostat into a comprehensive hub for anyone with an interest in international relations - be they students, political analysts, or simply those who crave for unbiased information. We aim to build an all-encompassing encyclopedia, a place where visitors are encouraged to think for themselves, to question, to scrutinize, and ultimately to form their own informed opinions, rather than relying on others to decipher the world for them.

As we grow, Glostat aspires to become THE nexus for international relations information. Here, people will not only have the opportunity to access documents in their original form, browse pertinent statistics, or learn the origins of complex terms, but they will also be introduced to a world of knowledge spanning nations, organizations, and influential figures.

We aim to educate our visitors about the varying methodologies in information gathering and analysis, helping them to understand how to critically interpret data, and introducing them to the tools needed for comprehensive analysis. Further, we plan to provide insights into popular political theories, demonstrate logical reasoning in politics, and give our users the keys to navigate the vast landscape of international relations effectively.

Through this expansive growth, our commitment to providing unbiased, reliable, and accessible information remains steadfast. We will continue to enhance and diversify our offerings while ensuring that Glostat remains a trusted resource for understanding our complex world.

In the journey ahead, we encourage you to join us, contribute your insights, and be part of our mission. The future of Glostat is bright, and we look forward to growing together.

Join Our Journey

At Glostat, our commitment is to bring unbiased, vital data and information to the public. However, to maintain this endeavor, we rely heavily on the support and contributions of our users. Donations play a critical role in our work, providing us with the financial stability and independence we need to concentrate solely on our mission: to present crucial data and evidence that helps everyone to understand our world better.

Your generous support in the form of donations not only helps us to keep Glostat operational, but it also enables us to constantly improve, expand, and fine-tune our offerings to better serve your needs. Donations fuel our ambition to become an unrivaled hub of knowledge and information in the field of international relations.

We understand that everyone's capacity to give varies, so we appreciate every single contribution, no matter the size. Whether you can donate a little or a lot, we are immensely grateful. Remember, every donation makes a significant impact on our work and brings us one step closer to realizing our goals.

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Whether or not you're able to donate, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your engagement with our project. Every interaction, every visit, and every piece of feedback, plays an important part in our journey. Thank you for being an integral part of the Glostat journey!

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